Two classmates who met on campus and formed a quick friendship are now on their way to forming a new Greek organization at the University. COVID Delta Lambda, although starting out small, intends to incorporate a large number of students and many other variants as they make their way onto campus from around the world. 

CDL hopes to permeate its ideals not only at UR, but as far and wide as possible, and hopes to change the college experience for anyone attempting to get an education in the next decade (or eternity). We spoke to the founding members to find out more about their missions. 

Delta is coming to campus from Florida. He’s hoping that he can reach a huge number of students while here and have them join the organization. “Even though it will be harder to recognize and meet new people with the masks on, Lambda and I are confident that we can spread our message to a big portion of the campus community,” said Delta, the fraternity co-founder. “I really believe that we can be a part of campus life this year.”

His partnership with Lambda is what is driving the fraternity to greatness, Delta said. “He quickly became my best friend,” Lambda said about Delta, “we are so similar, it almost feels like we’re twins. We already felt like brothers, so starting the fraternity together just made sense.” 

Some students are wary of the duo, and have been trying to keep their distance from any social events they hold, while others are indifferent about their presence on campus. CT plans to keep tabs on COVID Delta Lambda as their case study on Greek life grows.

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