With Thanksgiving Break approaching, we thought that it would be a good time for the Editorial Board to write about all the things that we’re thankful for, and all the things we’re not.


Cheers to us all for not getting shut down this semester.

Jeers to Monroe County being in the Yellow Zone, verging on Orange.


Cheers to a Biden win.

Jeers to all the people trying to subvert it with a Trump “win” based on unfounded accusations of voter fraud instead.


Cheers to a warm November, which allowed us to stay outdoors to see people more safely.

Jeers to global warming.


Cheers to all the professors who accommodated and supported us during our most challenging semester yet.

Jeers to not getting a day off until November.


Cheers to the tiny owl found in the Rockefeller tree this year.

Jeers to deforestation taking away the homes of thousands of woodland critters just like him.


Cheers to the new John Lewis mural in downtown Rochester.

Jeers to very little change to DPS, and to Lovely Warren still being mayor despite her hand in hiding Daniel Prude’s murder from the public, and her indictment regarding election law violations.


Cheers to the WCSA and SPB folks for trying their hardest to host safe activities this semester.

Jeers to it still not being the same. 


Cheers to Rochester rising up against the police brutality in our own backyard.

Jeers to the UR Medical Center’s unclear role in Daniel Prude’s final day on Earth.


Cheers to the UR Abolition Coalition for occupying DPS overnight, and to Mangelsdorf for showing up to speak with students.

Jeers to UR’s long history of inaction when it comes to the concerns and demands of BIPOC students, and only reacting when students take to the streets.


Cheers to the staff that have kept our campus clean and safe, and have fed us every day.

Jeers to students disrespecting the work that staff has put in during a pandemic by half-assing University COVID-19 protocols.


Cheers to the tentative plans for an in-person spring semester.

Jeers to a late registration, and several courses still not being uploaded to UR Student, and pretty much everything still being uncertain.


Jeers to 2020.

Cheers to 2020 being almost over.


The Editorial Board is a weekly Opinions article representing the view of the Campus Times, co-written by Editor-in-Chief Hailie Higgins, Publisher An Nguyen, Managing Editor Corey Miller-Williams, Features Editor Micah Greenberg, and Opinions Editor Lucy Farnham.

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