“Among Us” popped out of nowhere and has found its way to UR, according to the doodles about the game that I found in Gleason. 

“Among Us” is an app version of Mafia, a beloved childhood game that always seemed hard to set up in groups, but this app shows how much fun it can be when done right. 

“Among Us” is set in a spaceship, where each player is a different color. At least one person is an Imposter, and their goal is to kill everyone on the ship. The crewmates have to either finish their assigned tasks or figure out who the Imposter is through a discussion and a vote. If you are killed as a crewmate, you can still win by completing your tasks, which are small mini-games. The Imposter wins if they kill everyone, the crewmates can win if they discover the Imposter or finish all the tasks. 

Want to see who among your friends may be a maestro of deception? This game could break or make friendships. You can play either online or have a private session with friends. The online version can be with anyone. You can play with one, two, or three Imposters, which can make games long, short, or challenging depending on the skills of the players. 

The fun of “Among Us” is really the chats, manipulations, and growing fan-base. Some Imposters are an easy catch, but others will have you guessing if you are actually the Imposter. 

“Among Us” players go hard. 

There are pathological liars and master manipulators in the ranks of the players, and those are the best games. The phrase “(Blank Color) is sus” has a special power in the chats of players.

The tactics and revolutionary ways some Imposters hide in the crowd are a sight to see. Imposters can self-report their murders, which can throw suspicion off of them. They can act out a set of tasks and bide their time. I once played a game as an Imposter with a co-Imposter, where that Imposter tried  getting me voted out to hide their own intentions. I’ve seen games where Imposters can bluff their way out of every accusation. 

“Among Us” is an increasingly popular topic in social media feeds and memes. There are entire artworks and communities dedicated to it. The memes add another layer to this game, and the jokes and tactics melt into the gameplay. It is only a short time until “Among Us” memes start popping up on UR pages. 

While the beginning of exam season might not be the best time to start playing a game that might steal your time away from your books, treat yourself to “Among Us” after you ace your tests. 

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