Meliora Weekend will not be held in 2020, according to an announcement posted to the University website.

The announcement, written by Senior Vice President for University Advancement Thomas Farrell, says that the University canceled the event due to concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Farrell outlined the reasons for Meliora Weekend’s cancellation. “First and foremost,” he wrote, “our campuses must be safe for our students, faculty, and staff, so that they can do the most important work of a University, which is teaching and learning.” He explained that as students’ ability to return to campus in the fall is still dubious, it’s highly unlikely that it will be safe to hold large events like Meliora Weekend.

Additionally, he said, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt several financial blows to the University. Because the University does not have its usual funding, it must be more frugal with its spending.

Finally, Farrell said that he had heard from many members of the University who said they would feel unsafe being in large groups. “The health and well being of our alumni, parents and friends is a priority,” he wrote.

Farrell suggested the possibility of an alumni reunion in June 2021, saying that seven out of 10 alumni in a recent survey supported the concept. Meliora weekend will tentatively resume in October 2021.

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