Cheers to the 99 med students who graduated six weeks early to help fight the pandemic.

Jeers to people who call COVID-19  the “Chinese virus.” You’re helping no one.


Cheers to platforms like Zoom for letting us see our friends’ faces.

Jeers to that one kid who never learned to mute their mic during class. 


Cheers to students proactively protecting other students, through mutual aid spreadsheets, petitions, and social media activism.

Jeers to cancelling real commencement; we’re sorry.


Cheers to professors who have been understanding and accommodating this semester. 

Jeers to unyielding professors who made students in different time zones wake up at 6 a.m. to take a timed exam.


Cheers to summer starting. 

Jeers to the people who think the warm weather is a get-out-of-quarantine-free-card. 


Cheers to administration trying to be nice by giving us the S/F option.

Jeers to it creating more conflict and anxiety in people’s lives.


Cheers to seniors getting degrees.

Jeers to getting them in the mail.


Cheers to the seniors who, due to COVID-19 or anything else, aren’t graduating yet.

Most importantly, cheers to everyone for making it through these last couple months, no matter how productive or idle, successful or fruitless. 

Cheers to you.


The Editorial Board is a weekly Opinions article representing the view of the Campus Times, co-written by Editor-in-Chief Wil Aiken, Publisher An Nguyen, Managing Editor Efua Agyare-Kumi, and Opinions Editor Hailie Higgins.

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