Eight more COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Monroe County, Public Health Commissioner Michael Mendoza said Sunday.

The new cases, reported in the Democrat & Chronicle, CITY Newspaper, and by WXXI, bring the total number in the county to 10.

More than half of the total cases were confirmed to have been from the Greece Central School District, with five cases — including the second confirmed case in the county — from Greece Arcadia Middle School. The other case from within Rochester City School District was from Greece Athena High School.

Of the other cases announced, the only other details specifically given were that another patient is a firefighter who responded to an Emergency Medical Services call for a potential COVID-19 case that tested positive.

Contact tracing, which Mendoza defined as “looking through all of the individuals that each person may have come into contact with to try to understand both [their] risk, the risk to [their] immediate friends and family, and the risk to the larger community,” has been performed for all eight new cases, and high-risk contacts are being notified.

In addition to the new cases, several restaurants and bars were reported to be closing their doors in an attempt to limit spread of COVID-19, and the Democrat & Chronicle reported that Rochester Regional Health is now able to perform same-day COVID-19 testing.

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