This week, we asked the dining staff at Douglass if they had any cool stories about working at Dougie.


Marie Molina: “I love to see everybody come in smiling. I love it. Everyone always greets [me], I always greet them ‘good morning,’ and I always get a good morning back. There’s always manners and respect; love that, I love that a lot.”




Dawn Marshall-Hosier: “I enjoy when graduates return, [ones who] have graduated 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago when they return, especially when they remember some of the staff. So, I enjoy visitors.”




Chris Richards: “It wasn’t here. It was when I was in Longhorn Steakhouse, and the boss got on me about not fully cross-training […] that means learning how to work different positions. I always wanted to stay in one position, so that’s been my biggest thing. So now I learn all I can.”




William Kendrick: “I’ve only been here for two years but it’s an exciting place everyday. There’s something going on everyday. It’s a nice place to work at. I interact with most of the students and ask them how their day is going. [We have students] from different countries, so you learn a lot of things, too.”



Nautica Ott: “I have this coworker, and I was very interested in his tattoos, right? So he was telling me a story of how he’s building an organization for youth. They call him Stretch, he’s really tall, he’s 6 foot 8. […] Yeah, so I just find it really interesting that he’s trying to contribute, give back to the community and stuff, with the youth and things like that. It’s like a hip hop, dance, krumping and stuff that he wants to pass on to the younger generation.” 



Luci Perez: “[Every year] when we open the University and all new members come in and see the University, in that moment I like to do a new thing, saying wonderful things. I want everybody to see my university like I see it: the best of the best in all of the United States. I like it because I can [get to] know the new members, and say, ‘My name is Luci. Nice to meet you.’ This is my cool moment.”

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