Nov. 18’s SA senate meeting included a presentation for OnePrice, updates on the Gold Line petition, updates on intramural changes, and the passage of motions to appoint new Legislative Advisors.


Cam Schauf, Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations, proposed that OnePrice be implemented in fall of 2021. OnePrice would be rolled out for first-year students only, with students having the ability to opt out of the program if they want. Schauf said work is being done to make it so that students from other class years can opt in if they want to.

OnePrice aims to combat the high price of textbooks and to provide students with their required reading materials before classes start. The UR bookstore would receive a file including all the students’ schedules. The required textbooks would then be packaged for each student and be distributed at delivery spots around campus.

The anticipated price is $300 dollars per semester, but will likely be less. Data from this and next year will be re-calculated into the model to adjust the price accordingly for when OnePrice would be rolled out.


Campus Services Chair and junior Alexander Pavlicin and Legislative Advisor and senior Lumi Schildkraut (currently senior staff for the Campus Times) gave updates on the intramural survey. The survey is two pages, and asks questions about whether students participated in intramurals or not, the reasons they chose to participate (or not) and the experiences they had.

Pavlicin mentioned that UR student government doesn’t get involved in intramurals in comparison to other universities, and that Campus Services wants to see if changes need to be made as to how WCSA (Wilson Commons Student Activities) and the athletics department can be better restructured.

Gold Line Petition

The petition is for the bus to begin running at 6:45 a.m., and the current bus schedule for the Gold Line starts at 7:28 a.m. The suggestion — proposed by SA vice president senior Anne Marie Cortes, SA president senior Jamal Holtz, and Pavlicin — is to move the schedule up one hour to 6:28 a.m. The Department of Parking and Transportation and the Transportation Advisory Committee are involved in the final decision process. Obstacles to this change include current bus workers’ schedules and means of financing the extra hours, but solutions to these issues are being discussed.

New Business

A motion to approve the senate minutes from Nov. 4 was passed. 

A motion to appoint first-year Amish Fakun and Take Five Scholar Leticia Daruge as Legislative Advisors on the Senate International Student Affairs Committee was passed. 

A motion to table a Senate Bill to Establish Expectations for Communications to the Student Body at Large passed. This bill would aim to allow students to “adequately determine the difference between a statement which reflects SA Leadership […] and that which reflects the opinions of their elected student representatives in Senate.”

This is a Rush Rhees Library appreciation post

I am no architecture student, but the blend of Doric columns — borrowed from classical Greece — with the red brick of the mid-20th century makes it feel like a modern temple.

Watch “The Martian” before your finals

With the looming storm about to break on our metaphorical beach, I would like to share a tradition that I have started with myself, that might help you: I watch “The Martian” before finals. 

RCCL changes name to better reflect department’s goals

As part of its recent rebranding process, The Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) changed its name last month to the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) in an effort to accurately reflect what the Center does. The name change coincides with RCCL’s 15th anniversary.