Image by Jane Pritchard

Follow the instructions below for adding your tape-on wings to this week’s CT Origami project!

  1. Place three peaches, a wooden figurine, and a small vial of sheep’s blood in a bowl.
  2. Take the bowl to the edge of the woods. Set it down.
  3. Wait.


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CT Eats: Spicy goodness from Abyssinia

If you’re looking to explore Ethiopian cuisine, are a fan of trying new things, or simply have taste buds, I recommend ordering from Abyssinia.

Rochester protestors use the universal language of art in Project AIR and RSO

Rochester protests are transformed with the presence of art through the Rochester Street Orchestra and Project AIR.

This is a Rush Rhees Library appreciation post

I am no architecture student, but the blend of Doric columns — borrowed from classical Greece — with the red brick of the mid-20th century makes it feel like a modern temple.