What is a piece of college advice that you’ve received recently? Have you followed it?

ARYAA KARKARE: “I was definitely told to put myself out there and take every opportunity. And during Orientation Week, I talked to everyone that I possibly could, and it really did benefit me when I did take [the advice] because all of my friends are from my floor, my closest friend group now. We hang out a lot, we all eat together, we go out together. So, definitely glad I followed [the advice] and that’s honestly why I’m here.”


DWIGHT FAIRCHILD: “I’ve recently received the advice not to use AP credits in all the classes that I can, and I did not follow any of it.”





VALERIE BATTISTA: “I guess one piece of advice I’ve received recently, just related to this Activities Fair even, is to just sign up to receive information from all sorts of different clubs, just to start, and then try to attend as many interest meetings as you can. And then after you’ve seen what everyone has to offer, narrow it down to the ones you think you’d really be interested in. So I’m trying to do that now and hopefully it’ll work out for me.”


EMILY BUTLER: “I was told that I should get ahead on my studying and prioritize that and so far I’ve been doing pretty good with it and reading ahead of time for classes.”





DANIEL NADJ: “I really don’t know how to answer that question […] I don’t do well with advice. So I guess the main advice that I’ve gotten is don’t overload myself. And I don’t know if I’m doing that or not. So we’ll see.”




ASHLEY YOON: “So basically I’m thinking of taking four STEM courses this semester, but a lot of my friends and a lot of other people were like, ‘You shouldn’t take Math with Bio and Chem,’ or ‘You shouldn’t stack up on STEM courses.’ Maybe [I’ll follow the advice], depending on my schedule.”



JACOB HALL: “I received the advice of get lots of sleep and to prioritize your mental health first. I mean, I’ve prioritized the second part but [the] getting the lots of sleep part I haven’t really.”




ABBEY FITZPATRICK: “The biggest piece of advice anyone ever gave me was, ‘You need to find the balance between academics and your social life and have harmony with that and make sure that your balances are not focused on one thing more than the other.’”



NICK PRONOBIS: “I’ve been told to really get involved in extracurriculars but not so [much] that you’re overworking yourself. So joining a few clubs, and I’m about to do that, hopefully soon.” 




DAMEON ROMAN: “The advice that I got was to live up my best life and I’ve been definitely doing that: academically, socially, everything.”





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