My letter is in your response to your editorial regarding alumni contributions to the University on Oct. 27.

I have been an active donor to University libraries for 20 years, and when I started giving, the intent was to benefit both current and imaginary — your word — students. In retrospect, the decision was wise, and a good investment.  

Twenty years ago, Rush Rhees Library was deteriorating and a contrast to a “name” research institution. Today, if we walked through Rush Rhees Library together, I could point out specific results of my donations. They are shiny (your word, again) and in use every day by students who were once imaginary — including members of the editorial board of the Campus Times.

In coming years, I will make more donations to keep Rush Rhees shiny — and a tool for current and imaginary students. I hope you will join me in this effort.  

Jim Mayer is a member of the National Libraries Council at the University of Rochester.


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