In two of UR Men’s Soccer’s last three UAA games this season, sophomore midfielder Josh Cooley had an assist against Case Western Reserve and a goal against Carnegie Mellon on the road this weekend. His assist contributed to a 2–0 win against Case Western, and his goal in the second half against Carnegie Mellon was the only one of the game for the Yellowjackets, who tied the Tartans 1–1 after two rounds of overtime.

Walk us through the play that lead to your goal. What was going through your head?

Alex Di Perna beat a guy down the right side and drove toward the end line. He cut the ball back on the ground and it managed to squeeze through a couple defenders, and I shot low with my left foot to the near post and it just beat the goalkeeper. It was a really big goal for me (my first UAA goal) and sent the game into overtime so I was really pumped to score and eventually help the team to a solid point on the road.

How have you grown as a player over the past year?

I think I’ve grown a lot over the past year. Starting the first 11 games and now coming off the bench in a different formation is a big change, and it’s important to keep a positive mindset and put the team first and just continue to work hard.

What has been your favorite moment of the season thus far?

My favorite moment of the season was beating Washington University on the road in St. Louis. We won 1–0 on an overtime goal and celebrated like crazy.

How will you and your team prepare for the final UAA game against Emory this weekend?

We’re gonna do what we’ve been doing the last couple of games. Train hard this coming week, learn from our past games, and go at Emory with intensity.

What is one lesson you have learned from playing soccer?

One lesson I’ve learned from playing soccer is to always keep your head high. You might fail at something 100 times but it’s so important to have the mindset to get back on your horse until you succeed. Never let your failures determine who you are.

You’re from Wisconsin– what is your favorite type of cheese?

I love so many cheeses, but if I had to choose, a nice sharp cheddar really hits the spot.

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