The Campus Times has retracted the article “Days after initial outrage, Seligman still hasn’t finished reading complaint,” published Monday night, claiming University President Joel Seligman had not yet finished reading the recent legal complaint against UR. This post once had the article on it.

After the article was published, a University spokesperson disputed the claim, and upon further investigation with our sources, the CT could not substantiate it. We apologize for this reporting error.

We will continue to aggressively cover this situation and hold parties accountable in a responsible manner.

Pre-summer break cheers and jeers

Cheers to the Campus Times going almost completely digital. Jeers to no one reading the Campus Times anyway.

Douglass doors demand deliverance

“THIS DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES,” the sign read. But did anyone ever ask the door what it thought about that?

The increasingly digital CT

It became apparent that  to dedicate more time to the actual content of the paper and to reduce our waste problems, we would need to reduce our printing schedule.