Top take

  • Senator Jamal Holtz, a sophomore, defended his absence from an SA training session Monday.
  • Holtz faced a potential motion to be removed from Senate.
  • The motion to dismiss Holtz was ultimately never brought to the table.
  • Holtz was absent because he was meeting with the political director for the Black Students’ Union.
  • Since he is on the group’s executive board, Holtz had to meet with a student leaving to study abroad on Sept. 5.
  • Speaker of the Senate Jake Braniecki said that his understanding was that Holtz would be absent from 12-2 p.m., but Holtz was absent for the entire training session.
  • Several other senators were not at training, including sophomore senator Tayfun Sahin and junior Nick Foti. Both those absences were excused.
  • Braniecki announced that a make-up training session may be held in the near future.

Other bits

  • The Administration and Review Committee has updated its policy and procedure manuals. Changes include a clause directing the removal of committee analysts if they do not meet with student organizations when they are supposed to. The changes also create a framework for analysts to take a leave of absence. Additionally, student organization preliminary status has been extended from six to eight weeks to eight to ten weeks unless otherwise noted, and all student organizations must now maintain 12 members. Student groups seeking de-recognition during summer can be deactivated and have CCC materials removed if both the committee and SA adviser Laura Ballou agree, but the group must still be de-recognized. Ballou will also review disciplinary actions against student groups. Finally, any student group not re-registering by the deadline will have its operations frozen.
    • The committee will hold an analyst training on Sept. 9 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Douglass 403.
    • The committee will meet Wednesday to discuss the question, “What is a student group.” It will also discuss preliminary status of organizations and the minimum number of members in student organizations. ARC will discuss the potential of raising the minimum number of members in student organizations from 12 members. Some potential numbers are 15, 18, and 20. The meeting is at 8 p.m. in Douglass 403 and is open to all members of the student body.
  • Junior Zoë James has resigned from Senate. Based on spring election results, sophomore Anne-Marie Cortes is expected to fill the vacancy.
  • Anisha Kholsa was confirmed as executive director of alumni and advancement
  • Andria Rabenold was confirmed as executive director of academics.
  • Josh Hill was confirmed as executive director of student life.
  • Former Campus Times Social Media Editor Scott Abrams was confirmed as executive director of public relations.
  • Lara Andree was confirmed as executive director of community engagement.
  • Craig Campbell was confirmed as executive director of campus services.
  • Criswell Lavery was confirmed as chair of the Student Life Committee.
  • Kamel Awayda was confirmed as chair of the Elections and Rules Committee.
  • Sidhant Ahluwalia, Beatriz Gil, and Leif Johansen and Jamal Holtz were appointed to sit on the Administration and Review Committee.
  • Ronny Llerena was appointed to sit on the Senate’s appropriations committee.
  • SA is looking for people to fill the positions of academics chair and deputy speaker.
  • SA will be live streaming its Sept. 11 meeting.
  • Senator Gabriella Lipschitz will do a “Senator Spotlight” each week.
  • The Senate Shoutout has returned. Foti gave a shout out to Senator Lindsay Wrobel for filling in as deputy speaker. SA President Jordan Smith gave a shout out to Braniecki and SA Vice President Rebecca Mooney for the senator training session. Gil gave a shout out to Smith and Mooney for assembling their cabinet.

Next meeting

  • Sept. 11, 2017 @ 8 p.m.

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