Freshman Huan Yu “Justin” Chiu passed away “suddenly and unexpectedly” over winter break.

In an email sent to the student body co-written by Dean of the College Richard Feldman and Dean of Students Matthew Burns, Chiu was described as “a well-liked and active member of our University community.”

Chiu was born on March 24, 1998 and was from Taipei, Taiwan.

On campus, Chiu resided on the fifth floor of Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall. His friend, freshman Zhengfeng Liu, recalled that Chiu was often in his room watching “League of Legends” competitions.

Liu’s most poignant memory of Chiu was of a late night debate they had over the China-Taiwan issue during freshman orientation week.

“Although we disagreed on this issue, we still can talk through them peacefully, calmly, and have fun together,” said Liu.

The Campus Times was unable to confirm the cause of Chiu’s death.

“His death was definitely not something that can be easily got over,” Liu said.

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