UR Field Hockey (URFH) defeated the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays 4–1 at Fauver Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Sophomores Miranda Lakis and Lauren Sharpe each scored a goal in the first half to preside 2–0 over JHU. Junior attacker Claire Dickerson widened the gap early in the second half, scoring back-to-back goals assisted by freshman Maya Haigis and senior Sayaka Abe. Haigis was named as the Liberty League Rookie of the Week on Monday.

Junior Goaltender Gabrielle Cantley had one save in the first half, and junior Kiran Sundaram made three saves in the second 35 minutes. Hopkins’ lone goal was scored in the final 10 seconds of the game off a penalty corner.

Last year, UR graduated Michelle Relin and Nicole Cerza, the team’s leading scorers in 2015, and Tara Lamberti, the ‘Jacket’s starting goalkeeper.

Despite the loss of key players, the tireless work ethic and cohesiveness of the team remain. The ‘Jackets are especially strong offensively, as evidenced by numerous players contributing to URFH’s four goals against JHU.

“The freshmen have done a great job stepping up and filling in some of the holes in our roster, and what we are seeing is a very talented group of young women who work well together,” Lamberti, who joined the coaching staff as a goalkeeping coach, said.

The Yellowjackets’ record is now 5–0 going into their home game this Thursday against the College at Brockport, whose record stands at 1–3.    

The team’s performance so far this season has refuted any doubt that they have come back as a formidable competitor.

“I think the win has really established us as a force to be reckoned with, moving forward,” Lamberti said.

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