On Feb. 27, #4-ranked UR Men’s Squash team earned a historic 5-4 win over College Squash Association (CSA) #1, Trinity College. Sophomore Tomotaka Endo clinched the five-game victory by defeating Tom De Mulder 12–10 in the final game to seal the victory of the semi-final. This was the first time in team history that the ‘Jackets have made it to the national title match. The squad earned runner-up honors at CSA Nationals. The CSA Individual Competition continues March 7.

Why squash? How did this sport become an integral part of your life?

Probably, I had some talent for this sport, and I started winning matches after a few years that I started playing the sport. Or, squash is just so fun to play, and I cannot stop playing squash.

Who inspires you most, and why?

All of my UR squash teammates, but most of all is my teammate [junior] Ryosei Kobayashi. We have trained and have been rivals for around ten years. I have won a few times and have lost so many times against him. I always hope he disappears from my sight, but he keeps inspiring and motivating me. So annoying.

How did it feel to earn a five-game victory to seal the win against Trinity College, the #1 team in the country?

I have not been so happy since I ate California rolls for the first time. I believed Japanese sushi was the best, but now I have to admit the California roll is better. Fried shrimp in sushi is just so good. I hope you can imagine how happy I was.

What has been the most memorable moment of your UR Squash career so far?

Obviously when I beat Trinity last weekend. I have never played the game with such a huge amount of support. The supporters were chanting, repeating “Let’s go Endo.” I was never alone in the court. To be honest, it was so noisy, and my eardrums were about to be broken, but I enjoyed every moment of it and loved it so much.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I do not want to win the match by obtaining superpowers. That is kind-of cheating. I just want to have the superpower held by Tomotaka Endo!

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