1. On Oct. 9 at 11:21 p.m., Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers responded to a fire alarm in the Theta Chi House on the Fraternity Quad. As DPS officers approached the building, what appeared to be smoke was coming from the front door as the building’s occupants were exiting. DPS officers were advised that the alarm was caused by a fire extinguisher being discharged inside the house. Rochester Fire Department (RFD) also responded to the alarm. Once the cause was confirmed, the building was aired out and the alarm was reset. A student reported that the extinguisher had a broken seal and when someone tried to move it the extinguisher discharged. There was no damage and no injuries.

Students sets spray deodorant on fire

2. On Oct. 13 at 1:48 a.m., DPS officers responded to a fire alarm in Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls. Responding officers found that the alarm originated on the sixth floor. When officers arrived in the area, they were met by a student who stated that he had set off the alarm. The student said he had used a spray can of deodorant and lit the spray on fire with a lighter. There was no damage caused, and no one was injured. The student apologized, stating it was “foolish.” The student was warned not to set off an exposed flame in the future, and the alarm was reset.

Boy allegedly looking at bike locks

3. On Oct. 13 at 8:58 a.m., DPS received a report of a male looking at bikes at the bike rack outside Gale House. DPS officers responded and located the male walking away from the bike rack. He was stopped and asked for identification. The male said that he did not have any ID, but gave his name. He stated he was cutting through and going to a parent’s house. The male was a juvenile, so the Rochester Police Department (RPD) was contacted. RPD responded and transported the male juvenile back to his home. A witness stated that the male had been kneeling down and looking at different locks. The bike rack was checked and nothing was found out of place. No charges were filed.

Lai is a member othe class of 2018.

Information provided by UR Public Safety.

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