“We’ve had a busy, busy last few months,” President Seligman said, opening the town hall meeting held in the Wilson Commons Gowen Room at 7 p.m. on Monday. Seligman began his talk by summarizing recent and ongoing University news for about 40 minutes, before taking student questions at the end of the hour.

Seligman also stated that, as the Finger Lakes region is one of the leading agricultural and food processing regions, UR continues to try to promote local farming.

The University of Rochester will also tackling major issues in local education. UR has partnered with Monroe County and the former East High School to train more teachers and implement new curriculum to increase graduation rates, which are at an all-time low. As Seligman put it, “the key is to lift everyone.”

Seligman went on to list some of the many recent achievements in the campus community, including the  announcement that UR’s Meliora Challenge, to raise $1.2 billion for the University’s endowment, exceeded its goal 15 months ahead of schedule. He also discussed the hiring of new faculty, upcoming guest speakers and  the new Humanities Center and Institute for Performing Arts on River Campus.

The Q&A session went on to shed light on some of the issues the University still has to face. A senior brought up student athletes’ concerns with the new Dining Services hours of operation, which create conflict for students who are members of teams and activities that end past 8 p.m. Specifically, he said, freshmen have been struggling the most with this issue because their unlimited meal plans make it hard for them to eat in Wilson Commons. Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Schauf replied that changes in the hours have already begun, using student input. He also mentioned that this was in part a communications issue and that any student is free to contact him with their input.

Seligman also fielded two questions on sexual assault.

One student asked Seligman why the University had not made any statement about the current Title IX investigation.

Seligman explained that there are currently 118 Title IX investigations ongoing, and that the facts will need to be reviewed before UR makes any statement.

Another girl asked Seligman why he felt the University lacks in taking a stand against sexual assault, to which Seligman replied by reiterating UR’s policies, including the Informed Consent Policy and the disciplinary system. He also invited the two women to speak with him after the meeting to discuss further concerns.

Molina is a member of the class of 2018.

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