If you are a ‘90s baby, odds are that you’ve seen Disney’s “Tarzan.” This movie is where I first found my true love. It was not Jane. Rather, it was with the angel whowas responsible for the whole movie’s soundtrack. That man is Phil Collins. If you don’t know who Phil Collins is, Google him. Listen to his music.

I was once an atheist before it hit me one day that there is a God, and his name is Phil Collins. From his days in Genesis to his later solo works, I’ve been a devoted Phil Collins fan through thick and thin. This all leads me to my reason for writing this article, which is filling the empty spot for D-Day. This empty spot is not the stage that Smash Mouth is going to perform on; that space is my heart.  I just want Phil Collins to come and experience D-Day with the UR community. He doesn’t even have to perform.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with D-Day, let me provide you a brief explanation of what it is. First, imagine a really boring day. Now forget it, because D-Day is not boring. For the layman, D-Day is the Friday beforethe last week of classes.  For the UR students who are going to have the privilege of experiencing this day, it is an anecdote to depression by drinking copious amounts of water. Lots of water. It’s also a day where students actually see people outside. Most of the year, if you haven’t noticed this already, people tend to stay inside to avoid the brutal weather conditions.

Another explanation for the phenomenon is that people are too busy studying for classes, so they never really get around to leaving their rooms. I’ve heard from some students that they simulate the outdoor environment by turning on their fans and painting their white walls blue with a bright yellow sun on the door. D-Day is a special day for those who wish to see how many people actually go to our school. For me, D-Day was a trip last year, literally.

That is why I think Phil Collins should come to D-Day this year. Last year was hard to top. And since we can’t bring D-Day to Phil Collins, the only thing that could make D-Day better is if Phil Collins could be there, in our hearts.

Chiodo is a member of
the class of 2017.

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