Despite midterms approaching, something else has been concerning students. For the past couple of weeks, UR has been hit with bitterly cold temperatures. It’s so cold that the George Eastman statue can’t feel his toes and the baseball team is wearing two gloves. In fact, ITS has received its highest amount of frozen computer screen complaints since 1935. But, how are students combatting the cold? In one attempt to evade the winter, sophomore Michael Kiplanoff wraps his feet with past CT newspapers, since they can also serve as great insulators.

“The jokes from the humor section are so good they can be overwhelming, so as a precaution, I think it’s best to just dip your toes into the paper,” Kiplanoff explained.

Sophomore Alphonse Majeeta described the steps he takes to ensure warmth, telling us that, “First, I go to the Pit and get enough burrito bowls for eight weeks. Then, I pack it all into my room. Lastly, I stay in my room for two months.”

Majeeta says that after spending a few years in Syracuse, he has slowly adapted to the cold. A winter hat has grown on his head and polar fleece gloves have morphed onto his hands, leaving some scientists’ minds boggled.

In an effort to address this, Majeeta pleaded that “It isn’t as neat as it looks. Now my iPhone screen can’t recognize my fingers, so everyone just thinks I’m ignoring their calls.”

Local students are notorious for being prepared for the cold, so we decided to get the perspective from a student from outside of Rochester.

When asked how he stays heated, English major Pierre Monfils ’86, responded with “Où suis-je? Attendez, ce n’est pas RIT?”

Nevertheless, winter serves as a test, determining which students have the greatest will. However, there isn’t a curve—cold isn’t literally a test.

Horgan is a member of
the class of 2017.

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