Chi Huang – Staff Photographer

1. When did you get into basketball?

I started playing organized basketball in fourth grade, but I grew up playing basketball alongside my older sister, Amanda. We used to play in my driveway every day, and, through her, I started to love the game.

2. How do you keep calm during high-pressure situations?

The biggest thing for me is to just think of past situations where I have been under a lot of pressure and remember that, since I stayed calm then and everything worked out, I should try to do the same now. My teammates also help a lot by encouraging me and everyone on the court when it comes down to the line. Hearing my teammates cheer for me and everyone else makes it all not seem so scary.

3. Who do you look to as a model for your game? 

I grew up looking up to my sister as my role model for the game and tried my best to be as good as her. Now, I just model my game off of my coaches. I try to take in all the advice they give me and do my best to apply it in games and practice.

4. What do you hope to improve upon in your future at UR?

I hope to continue playing basketball at a high level, and I hope that our team can continue having successful seasons and make a run at the National Championship one day.

5. How does height impact your playing?

Being 6’2’’ definitely gives me an advantage over a lot of players–it helps me shoot over players and grab the hard-to-reach rebounds–but its biggest impact is that I play center on the team instead of the other positions.

6. What has been your proudest moment of UR basketball so far?

My proudest moment of UR basketball was when our team came back from a 17-point deficit against Case Western Reserve University to beat them by one point. It was a big game because it showed the fight in us and that we never give up. It also showed that if we come together as a team and play as one, we can overcome adversity, like being down by 17 points.

7. Would you rather play Monopoly with Will Smith or Tony Parker?

I would definitely rather play Monopoly with Will Smith because he is very funny, and you really need some humor if you want to be able to make it through a whole game of Monopoly.

Douglas is a member of the class of 2017. 

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