1. On Jan. 25 at 7:41pm, a Public Safety officer working at Eastman School observed a male climbing into a dumpster at the back of Miller Center. After a couple of minutes, officers approached the male who was still in the dumpster. Officers attempted to identify the male but he did not have ID. When asked if he had any weapons, the male stated he did not. A check of the male determined he had two knives in his possession. The unaffiliated male was taken into custody for trespassing without incident. The Rochester Police Department transported the male to jail.

Flask explodes in Hoyt

2. On Jan. 23 at 10:47am, Public Safety officers responded to a report of an explosion in Hoyt Auditorium. Prior to the officers’ arrival, a pull station was activated, evacuating the building. Officers found an undergraduate being treated for a minor cut above the nose. Officers learned that an experiment was taking place when a chemical reaction occurred, causing the glass flask to shatter. The person conducting the experiment received minor cuts to the arm and little finger. Both persons refused any other medical treatment. There was no hazard in the area and the only damage was to the flask.

Strange man seen near Southside

3. On Jan. 23 at 12:25am, a student observed a male hanging around outer lobby of Valentine who did not appear to belong there. The student also stated the male smelled heavily of a marijuana-type odor. The student left the area to advise the Graduate House Advisor. When the two returned, the male was gone from the area. Responding Public Safety officers checked the surrounding areas and could not locate the male. The student said she delayed the report because she was not sure what to do. The student was advised to contact DPS right away in situations like this.

Tupperware catches fire and sets off fire alarm

4. On Jan. 21 at 7:11pm, Public Safety officers responded to the fire alarm in a Whipple Park apartment. When officers arrived, they were met by the graduate student occupant of the apartment. The student said that she was heating up her oven and did not realize there was a plastic tupperware top inside the oven. The tupperware caught fire but was extinguished quickly by the student with some water. As a result the apartment filled with smoke, setting off the alarm. There were no injuries and no other damage.

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the class of 2018.

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UR Public Safety. 

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