Following the ribbon cutting at College Town, President Seligman made an important announcement which few people heard due to the roar of students picketing Barnes and Noble because of its distance from campus.

As people rushed into the bookstore Friday for its grand opening, even though it had been open the whole week, Seligman made the announcement that next year’s Meliora Weekend would be rebranded as Melanoma Weekend to bring attention to this deadly form of skin cancer.

“Many students, and faculty for that matter too, probably don’t realize that even in this dismal, cloudy climate with little sunlight, people can still get skin cancer,” Seligman said. “As a leading healthcare university, we decided that it was important to make our students and alumni aware that every time they leave their dorm or house, they should be slathering on as much sunscreen as a redhead going to the beach, regardless of the time of year.”

Citing skin cancer as one of the most common cancers in young adults, the Board of Trustees made a motion that, beginning next year, the focus of the annual reunion weekend would be taken off of hounding alumni for their money and instead emphasizing the dangers of sun exposure.

“All of next year’s festivities will strictly be held inside,” Seligman added.

In answering a question about where the football game would be held, Seligman said the game will likely be canceled because there are so few fans who actually attend.  “Would anyone really notice?” he added.

Kath is a member of
the class of  2016.  

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