In college, it’s good to be open-minded, but not so much that your brain falls out. For example, I’ve never been into eating fish. However, the other day I willed myself into eating fish fry. One fish two fish red fish eww fish. I shouldn’t have tried it. I, like the fish, got into trouble for not keeping my mouth shut. I wonder what the fish did the day before he was captured and shipped off to Rochester. Was he dared to get as close to the hook as he could? Was he a hopeless lover, unable to find any of the “plenty of other fish in the sea”? Or was he part of a “Finding Nemo”-esque plot that took a turn for the worse? I can’t imagine what it would have been like if you had taken your little sister to see “Finding Nemo” and, 20 minutes in, Marlin finds Nemo and Dori on the combo platter at the local restaurant. So the next time you invite me for dinner, if it’s fish, just go right ahead and cut bait.

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the class of 2017.

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