Recently, a number of freshmen living in Susan B. Anthony Hall have been upset over how far the residence halls within the building from the Hillside POD. A record number of students (four) attended a recent Hall Council meeting (Editor’s Note: we checked, and these meetings apparently do actually exist. Quorum, it turns out is two attendees.). The result of the meeting was the decision to spend the entire budget on a Campus Times advertisement explaining their feelings.

The few students who actually read the ad were not amused. “Back when I was a freshman, I’d walk from the Quad. Outside,” one junior who wished to remain anonymous due to the understandably sensitive nature of the story said.

When asked if he had a comment, UR President Joel Seligman said, “Hmph. Next, they’ll be expecting even more unrealistic things, like edible food and restrooms in every [academic] building! Who do these freshmen think they are?”

Schaffer is a member of
the class of 2016.

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