1. On Oct. 25 at 9:59pm, a Public Safety officer saw two males on Fraternity Road, of whom one was riding a bike and the other was walking. The officer lost sight of the two males for a short time. When he located them again they were both on bikes. Officers made contact with the two males in the Faculty Road circle. The two were not affiliated with the University and only one could produce ID. While speaking with the two males, an officer observed what appeared to be bolt cutter handles sticking out of one of their backpacks. The officer asked the male to put down the backpack and found that there were in fact bolt cutters. The two males were detained for further investigation. It could not be determined where either of the bikes came from. Both bikes and the bolt cutters were taken into DPS custody pending owner identification. The two males were given ban forms and escorted off the property.


Students found in Rush Rhees 

2. On Oct. 25 at 2:32am, Public Safety officers responded to the intrusion alarm at Rush Rhees Library. When the first officer arrived and entered the building, he observed two people running into different stairwells. The officer was able to stop one of the two and he identified himself as an undergrad. The student was escorted from the area while other officers responded to assist. A few minutes later, a person was seen reentering the building through a window off the fire escape. Officers went back in to search the building again, and eventually two people were stopped trying to exit the building. One of the two caught was the same who had been stopped earlier and the other identified himself as a visiting student from another college. Both students were warned and sent on their way.


Repeat offender  found trespassing in Rush Rhees

3. On Oct. 25 at 3:13am, Public Safety officers entered the ground floor of Rush Rhees for an unrelated issue. Upon entering, an officer and a supervisor both noticed a male who had previously been banned from the property and also arrested previously on the property. Officers made contact with the male. The male stated he was cutting through campus and stepped inside to use the restroom, giving no other reason for being on campus. The male was placed under arrest for trespassing and taken to Public Safety Headquarters for processing. The Rochester Police Department responded and transported the male to jail.

Kadir is a member of 

the class of 2017.

Information provided by 

UR Public Safety.

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