1. How did you get into running cross country?

CK: I ran track my freshman year of high school because I wanted to do a sport in the winter and spring, but I didn’t enjoy it until I started running cross country in my junior year.

MR: I got into cross country running my sophomore year of high school, after a successful track season the year before. I guess early on I found myself very competitive in the “one mile run” gym class activity, so I gave running a try and loved it.

2. What is your favorite aspect of the sport?

CK: I like the feeling of accomplishment when I know I put everything I have into a race.

MR: My favorite aspect of cross country is the team mentality. Running together with your teammates in the midst of a large group of competitors gives us all a real sense of gravitas.

3. How do you feel about your individual and your team’s performance this past weekend?

CK: It was exciting to place in the top 25 in such a large meet and it was great to see so many people run personal bests.

MR: Our performance this past weekend was subpar. While we got out well, we didn’t have a good enough sense of where the front of the race was and we were content to sit in the middle of the pack. Mental toughness and some more confidence at our next race at Oberlin should yield better results.

4. What is your proudest moment as a runner?

CK: Finishing in the top 14 last year at the UAA meet to become part of the second team all-UAA.  This is one of the most intimidating meets we go to so it was exciting to be able to stay with the top group.

MR: My proudest moment as a runner was after a 10K at Bucknell last spring. Competition at that meet was great, and I ran a PR of more than a minute with a time of 30:47. I think what was most satisfying about this race was how even the splits were. The group of us that went down to that meet all ran well; I’m looking forward to running there again this year.

5. Who is your greatest inspiration?

CK: I literally and figuratively look up to Ethan Pacheck.

MR: TJ Stein is my greatest inspiration. He’s an American hero.

6. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

CK: I don’t have any unusual pre-race rituals.  I warm up with the team which involves running, doing form drills, and doing strides.

MR: I’m not sure I’d call them rituals, but I stick to a pretty conventional routine with a timely warm-up and drills. Coffee an hour before the warm-up is a must.

7. Would you rather be in a cooking competition with Bill Cosby or Elton John? Why?

CK: I think I would choose Elton John, just because it would be cool to meet him.

MR: Interesting question. If I was looking to win, I’d say Elton John because I bet he is more coordinated and knows his way around a kitchen. If I was looking to have a good time, I’d say Bill Cosby because he’s someone who’s always entertained me.

Eber is a member of the class of 2017.

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