1. How did you get started with field hockey?

I started playing field hockey in 7th grade because my friends convinced me to try out for the team, even though I had no idea what the sport was.

2. How did you become a goalie?

I had always played goalie in soccer, and when I tried out for the field hockey team, they told me they needed a goalkeeper. I figured it wouldn’t be too different from soccer so I gave it a shot!

3. What do you like/dislike about your position?

One thing I learned quickly was that as a goalkeeper, I can’t win the game for my team-I can only save it. So I don’t like how sometimes in games I feel helpless because I can only contribute to my team’s success if I get shots.  But at the same time I love the pressure that comes with the position. I thrive under high pressure situations and I enjoy the challenge of staying mentally tough. 

4. How do you feel about the team’s amazing start?

I feel so pumped! I’m so proud of my teammates, I think we have done a phenomenal job of staying focused and taking our season game by game.

5. How do you keep calm in high pressure situations?

For me it’s quite easy to stay calm in high pressure situations. Everything happens so fast in field hockey, that I don’t have time to feel much in these situations. It’s just pure reaction. I get a shot and I have to react, there’s no time to be anxious or scared so I just shut everything out and let my reactions take over.

6. What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment would be when we played Kenyon College last year. It was my first collegiate start, and I was only a sophomore playing alongside Madison Wagner, who was a phenomenal captain and an All-American. I remember crying when my coach told me that I would be given the start because I had worked so hard for that moment.

7. How do you feel about having three shutout games so far?

Well, I don’t hate it! But it would be wrong of me to take all the credit for them, the score of a game is a reflection of the entire team’s efforts. And I definitely think our team has more shutouts in us!

8. Would you rather go camping with John Lennon or Kristen Bell?

If Lennon were still alive I would say him. I feel like he would have some great “behind-the-scenes” stories about the Beatles. Plus, I would make him sing “Here Comes The Sun” every morning.

Eber is a member of the class of 2017.

Photo courtesy of UR Athletics.

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