UR Dining Services was ranked sixth in the nation by The Daily Meal, an online publication which recently released its 2014 list of 75 Best Colleges for Food in America.

According to the Daily Meal, schools were evaluated in a variety of areas including nutrition, sustainability, accessibility, services, events, surrounding food scene, and “the X-factor”. The ranking was cause for celebration for UR dining services.

“It’s a fantastic accomplishment and we’re so proud to have earned it this year,” Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Shauf said. “We don’t work to just earn recognition. Student satisfaction is our supreme goal.”

Sophomore Alana Hardy appreciates the way in which Dining Services presents their food and enjoys Sunday brunch in Danforth.

“Everything I’ve had has been pretty good,” said freshman Esther Garrett. “As a local person, I appreciate Java’s and Cheesy Eddie’s [accessibility from] campus.” Garrett added that she would like Nick Tahou’s  to be accessible from campus too.

“A bunch of bullshit,” was senior Christopher Wideman’s response upon learning of the ranking.  “If UR is truly sixth, then there are a lot of improvement opportunities for 99% of college dining across America.”

Senior Alexandra Streamer agreed and said, “Grazing on the grass on the Quad would be tastier and more nutritious than any of the dining halls.”

However, Junior Christi Amaral said that she was a little surprised at first upon hearing of the accolade. “But after some thought, I think we deserved it,” she said, noting the local foods, Meatless Mondays, creative dishes, and vegetarian options.  “We take for granted our options,” she continued.  “And we have a tendency to complain.”

Marketing Manager for Dining Services Kevin Aubrey shared his satisfaction and commitment to student feedback.

“Students’ happiness is our success,” Aubrey said. “We’re here to listen to your views and make things […] better.”

Kath is a member of the class of 2016.

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