Psi Upsilon, one of the University’s oldest fraternities, will be reinstated this semester after losing its recognition from UR in May 2010.
Psi U, as it is colloquially known, was initially suspended due to a violation of the school’s anti-hazing policies. Since this incident, the fraternity has faced a three-year dis-affiliation from campus as well as the Psi U house, which resides on the Fraternity Quadrangle.
In tandem with the University’s renovation of other buildings on the Frat Quad, Psi U’s house has been renovated and was made to serve as co-ed undergraduate residential housing.
The fraternity has now been granted “censured status” and is considered a fully active fraternity. However, there are natural limitations: The members are bound to their “Education for Excellence” proposals, which consist of educational programs, leadership events, and philanthropic endeavors.
A more significant change is the removal of the traditional pledging process. Psi U has made an agreement with the school to not pledge new members, but to instead implement a single-tier membership process, allowing new members to be initiated right away and have full rights and responsibilities in the fraternity.
Much like Alpha Delta Phi, a fraternity returning after imposed sanctions by the University, Psi U is actively recruiting new members. The initial seven Psi U members have been preoccupied with initiation, so the rush process has been delayed. This upcoming weekend, however, they are hosting two open events in the Hive featuring food and football.
Moreover, next fall, the fraternity will regain residence of the house. It is paramount to the current brothers that, by then, the fraternity recruits a sufficient amount of members to fill the house.
Additionally, the fraternity can host parties at their house and will face no extra restrictions from the school on this front. This year, however, the members must newly establish their risk and conflict management plans. They will also need to determine a location for hosting parties as they have not yet regained their house.
Fundamentally, the fraternity will redefine the way it operates.
“I would have to say that the Psi U now is very different from the Psi U three years ago,” Psi U President and junior Ryan Dickey said. “As we go along, the traditions we make are the ones that will stay.”
Indeed, stark differences exist between the old and new fraternity, and the new member initiation process may appear quite foreign to most fraternities. Despite these differences, Psi U intends to redefine itself on campus and make up for its many past infractions.
Dickey remains quite positive about the fraternity’s return to campus.
“I would like to thank those who have been supportive of Psi Upsilon’s return,” he said. “Greek life is a wonderful thing to have on a college campus.”
Hinson is a member of
the class of 2016.

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