Courtesy of UR Athletics

Peter Lyman, UR’s former tennis and squash head coach, passed away on Sept. 28 due to complications from cancer.
Lyman coached the men’s tennis team for 42 years and the squash team for 44. He also produced 16 All-American Athletes among the two sports and consistently kept both his teams in the top 20 in the national rankings.  Along with being named the 1990 Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Coach of the Year, Lyman was inducted into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000. UR’s facilities in which both  squash and tennis play, the Lyman Squash Center and Lyman Tennis Center, are named in his honor.
“Peter Lyman meant so much to UR tennis and squash,” current men’s and women’s tennis coach Matt Nielsen said. “He has had a lasting positive impact on the hundreds of players that he coached during his 40-plus-year career. Our teams have greatly appreciated his generosity and unending support. Personally, Peter was a wonderful friend and mentor to me over the past 10 years that I have coached at UR. The team and I will miss his presence on the sidelines during our matches this spring.”
Shapiro is a member of the class of 2016.

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