Courtesy of UR Athletics

The men’s cross country team finished second overall in the Roberts Wesleyan Harry Anderson Invitational on Saturday Sept. 29. Freshman Chris D’Antona of Harrison, N.Y. finished third overall in the race — the highest place from UR. D’Antona attended Harrison High School where he ran varsity cross country and track all four years.

What are you interested in studying at UR?
Financial economics or maybe the business major.

When did you start running?
I have been running since middle school, and I have always loved the sport. I also ran in high school all three seasons (fall, winter and spring).

Why cross country?
I like running because you can always challenge yourself.  There is always more to do within the sport. You can always improve running and you can challenge your limitations.

Did you play other sports in high school?
I tried baseball and soccer for a little bit, but neither gave me the same feeling that running did.
What are the emotions you feel when you run?

Running is pretty calming and going out for a run is fun. When you are competitive, everything is out there on the line. It’s a good feeling.

What’s your favorite thing thus far about UR?
I really like the community.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I have never seen anyone who is not willing to lend a helping hand at any point.

Do you run track as well?
I will in the winter and spring. Indoor I will run the mile and maybe the two mile. Outdoor I will be doing steeple chase.
Do you have any superstitions or pregame rituals?
I eat the same meal every time.  I always have an oatmeal raisin Cliffbar, an orange and diluted Gatorade.

What songs do you like to listen to when you run?
I think music distracts me.

What are your academic and running goals?
I want to be an All-Academic Runner, because we are at school and we are supposed to focus on academics. I want a good balance between both running and school.

Davis is a member of the class of 2016.

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