Joe Prosack and Ross Pedersen – Crew

Courtesy of Joe Prosack

Junior Ross Pedersen and sophomore Joe Prosack rowed their way to an indoor rowing world record for the lightweight tandem 100K division on Friday, Feb. 24. The two members of the UR Crew Team rotated every seven and a half seconds, spending more than six hours on the erg machine to set a new world record of 6:12:20.4. This dynamic duo will continue their training as they prepare for tryouts for the World Championship in June.

What is your major?

Ross and Joe: Math and Economics.

Why did you choose to come to UR?
Ross: I’m from Rochester so it was always on my list. I really like it here; I’m happy here.
Joe:  It was the school that gave me the best financial deal, and it seemed like a really cool school with a lot of opportunities.

When did your crew career begin?
Ross: It started in 2005. The summer before ninth grade I did a learn-to-row program and just fell in love with it. I’ve been doing it ever since.
Joe: The first week of school when I signed up at the [Fall] Activities Fair. I began freshman year as a novice and learned everything in the fall. UR gave me this great opportunity. I came here never picking up an oar before but now I’m a world record holder.

How did you prepare yourself for this competition?
Joe: You cannot really prepare for a six hour competition. We focused on a lot of conditioning during the winter, and that kind of carried over to training for this. We did a marathon on the erg a couple weeks before, and that’s 4,200 meters in three hours. If we could do three hours non-stop on the erg, we could definitely do the 100K.

What was required of you to break the old world record?

Ross: To get it verified,  it has to be in a public place, needs to have witnesses,  [and you] have to keep a paper log of who switches and how fast you’re going when the switch occurs. It was a lightweight event, so we had to weigh in beforehand.

How did you feel when you broke the world record?
Ross: Glad it was over, and really tired.
Joe: About half way in, we kind of knew we were going to break it, but we didn’t know how we would feel four hours in so we dropped our goal and made it faster. That’s what I was most proud of: We just kept going.
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