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The beautiful summary of a show that can’t be summarized in mere words, “Chuck,” the little show that could, came to a perfect end last Friday evening.

For five seasons “Chuck” has been a show of spy gadgets. It has been an hour of comedy each week with nerdy and nostalgic 80s callback jokes. “Chuck” is a family drama for the Bartowski’s, for Casey and for Sarah. But at its heart, the story of Chuck has been a romance.
The series finale paid respect to the action, humor, family and love that was found throughout five seasons of the show.

It could have centered on one of the many creative villains Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak and the rest of the writing team dreamed up over the years. But instead, they chose to make Chuck’s final mission to save Sarah and win her heart all over again after her memories of the past five years were erased.

Before watching the final hours of the show, it felt a bit like a cop out. What would happen to the growth that Sarah experienced throughout the series if she forgot everything and reverted to her former spy self? How could the show possibly reconcile five years of memory lost in a two-hour finale?

The most powerful moments weren’t conveyed with needless or cheesy flashbacks.  Instead, Chuck and Sarah’s mission took them back to a restaurant all too familiar to where they had their first date.

And then, as if the show had dragged us back in time, we found ourselves in Weinerlicous once again.

Each of these homages to the five-year romance of Chuck and Sarah pulled her one step closer to remembering their relationship. And if you didn’t laugh, cry and hold your breath until the last minute, I am convinced you have no heart.

“Chuck” has never been a supremely dark show. It has gone to dark places, but it is appropriate that every character of the “Chuck” family was given a happy ending. Jeff and Lester head off to become German rockstars after their impeccable Jeffster performance of “Take on Me,” that incidentally saved the world.

Big Mike finally has his two loves in life combined, with Subway taking over the Buy More. Morgan, the once annoying dork, moves in with Alex while Casey heads out to save the world one bad guy at a time with Verbanski, the steely spy that captured his heart. Ellie and Awesome leave for Chicago to start a family home with respectable jobs.

And Chuck and Sarah sit on a beach at sunset and kiss in the hopes of restoring all of Sarah’s memories. A true fairytale ending.

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