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The first stop of this year’s Campus Consciousness Tour will be no ordinary concert.

Janelle Monáe, a “high-funktress” whose music is a mixture of jazz, funk, hip- hop and soul, will perform this Saturday in the Palestra. UR is the first stop on this year’s Campus Consciousness Tour, which aims to bring musical, environmental and social consciousness to students.

The tour has aimed to incorporate more schools into its schedule since it started in 2006 and has featured popular headlining acts like Guster, Wiz Khalifa and O.A.R.

“The tour has been gaining momentum since it first started,” UR Concerts co-president and senior Kaitlin Organisciak said. “We’re really lucky they were able to fit UR into their busy schedule.”

The tour will bring its own sponsors and set up tents in Dandelion Square with products and information about sustainability and green energy. There will also be games and giveaways, one of the prizes of which will be the chance to meet Monáe after the show.

The tour reached out to various green groups on-campus, and members of them will be working the tents, according to Organisciak.

“We’re really hoping that all of the extra perks of the show will add some excitement to the show and maybe bring out some more student interest,” Organisciak said. “It’s a rare opportunity that UR gets to host such a large event, and, realistically, a tour of this caliber probably won’t visit UR again for many, many years.”

Both floor and bleacher seats to the concert are still available for purchase at the Common Market.

Fleming is a member of the class of 2013.

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