It is not often that I read something funny enough to actually render me incapable of stifling my laughter. It’s also not often that I read blogs. So “Books of Adam” must be something really special if it is a blog I read religiously that also makes me “lol” for real. Updated a few times a month by Portland artist Adam Ellis, “Books of Adam” in actuality does little more than document Ellis’ un-miraculous life. But being the gifted wordsmith and graphic artist that he is, Ellis can easily turn the most mundane stories into the biggest comedy event of your week.

His drawings are what really elevate his blog to something worth following, as they are apt comedic caricatures of real life situations that most readers can relate to. His most recent post is about beard maintenance. Sounds like the most hilarious thing you’ve ever read, right?  Of course not. But add some sarcastic wit and a skilled drawing or two and it is. Ellis begins the post with: “‘Adam!’ said nobody. ‘How do you keep your beard looking so fancy fresh?’ Well, figment of my imagination, I’ll tell you. It’s not easy. It’s a commitment, but since you asked, I’ll do my best to impart my beard wisdom upon you.” He then goes on to explain that he started growing a beard much earlier than everyone else, and his exclamation is accompanied by a picture of a bunch of dopey-looking kids — one of whom has Rip Van Winkel-like facial hair — and is captioned “Mrs. Wilson’s 3rd Grade Class.”

“Books of Adam” is smart, cheeky and chock-full of enjoyable illustrations — if you were to only ever read one blog in your life, this should be it.

Sklar is a member of the class of 2014.

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