CHEERS to UR Dining Services for serving as a model in its efforts to solicit and incorporate student feedback. It directly responds to many student concerns through Dining Committee meetings and its interaction with Project and Services.

JEERS to professors who still don’t use Blackboard. The Web site is a valuable way for students to check assignments and find readings, as well as network with each other.
CHEERS to the College for making headway on wireless projects with the recent addition of wireless coverage to Todd Union. UR is finally moving closer to becoming a truly wireless campus.

CHEERS to the College for listening to the students and alumni and ultimately deciding to leave the Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library unchanged and in its current location.

JEERS to the Students’ Association Policy and Review Committee for not returning midyear reports in a timely fashion. This report defeats its own purpose when returned in late April, as many organizations transition leadership. While any glitches in the process are understandable during the report’s inaugural year, current leadership would have benefited from seeing feedback earlier.

CHEERS to the women’s basketball team for advancing to the Final Four. Even after graduating many star players, the women’s team had a great run.

CHEERS to the University for its instrumental role in the implementation and success of Futurity, an innovative Web site amalgamating the research of dozens of research univerisities.

JEERS to the Multimedia Center for not allowing students to take reserve material out of the Center itself. Students are more than aware when they check reserve books out of Rush Rhees that heavy fines await delinquents, so why not have the same policy at the MMC?

Research at Rochester: iGEM Team Saptasense finds sustainable solutions for maple sap

To what extent are they able to pursue their own experimental endeavors? iGEM’s Team Saptasense certainly found out over the course of this past summer and fall semester.

A mid-season review of a cappella, UR’s most publicized sport

While regular Rochester sports all share a theme of sucking ass, a cappella thrives on the ability to adapt, and you can't tell us it's not a sport.

Quiz: Should you overload next semester?

Do you have friends/a social life? "A. If my laptop, iPad, and three-foot stack of biology notes count, then yes."