Recipients receive award for community health efforts

In a ceremony at the UR Medical Center the recipients of the Dr. David Satcher Community Health Improvement Awards were announced last Monday, March 22.
This award recognized members of URMC for their efforts in enhancing care for under-served children, decreasing lead poisoning and giving outreach care to at-risk mothers and children within the Rochester community.

The recipients include Peter Szilagyi, Katrina Korfmacher and Mardy Sandler.
Szilagyi is a both a professor and chief of the Division of General pediatrics at the Medical Center. He was recognized for his years of service as a leader in improving health care for children.

Korfmacher, assistant professor and deputy director of the Community Outreach and Education Core of the Department of Environmental Medicine, was given the award for her work in decreasing the exposure of children in Monroe County.

Lastly, Sandler, the Chief Social Worker and Clinical Manager for Community Outreach at Strong Memorial Hospital was recognized for his 34 years of work in women’s health and pediatrics to improve the well-being of members of the Rochester community.

The Dr. David Satcher Community Health Improvement Award was created by the URMC Center for Community Health and is only given to individuals who have made important contributions to community health within the greater Rochester area through various research, education, clinical services and outreach efforts.

Award given to Wilmot Cancer Center brings national prestige

The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at the UR Medical Center was recently given a New Program Outstanding Achievement Award for the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

This award has only been given to eight cancer centers in the country.
Over the past decade the Wilmot Cancer Center has created multidisciplinary programs that have connected many different teams of doctors to provide individual and wide-ranging care for each patient.

Emily Berkowitz is a member of the class of 2012.
Information courtesy of
UR Communications.

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