Ford drops out of Democratic Primary election

Harold Ford, Jr., former Tennessee representative, who spoke at UR last week, has recently decided not to challenge Senator Kristen Gillibrand in the Democratic primary this coming September.

Ford cited his belief that his presence in the Democratic primary would damage the party as a reason to withdraw his candidacy. He also stated that the Democratic Party had tried to bully him out of the race.

Despite this claim by Ford, public opinion polls show that Ford was behind Gillibrand in the race.

In addition to speaking at UR during his visit to Rochester last month, Ford met with Mayor Duffy and showed his support of Duffy’s plan for the city school system.

Even with Ford’s withdrawal from the race, a Democratic primary will still take place next September. Labor activist Jonathan Tasini will oppose Gillibrand in the race.

RIT wins Google virtual tour contest

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) finished ahead of four other finalists in a Google virtual tour contest.

They received almost 30,000 votes from online voters.

As part of their win, Google Maps will send its Street View crew to the RIT campus, where an onboard camera will take pictures that will be posted online as a virtual tour.

This will allow anyone in the world to take a virtual tour of the RIT campus.

Emily Berkowitz is a member of the class of 2012.
Information was compiled from the Democrat and Chronicle.

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