UR trustee and active community member passes away

University trustee Gilbert C. McCurdy passedaway Tuesday Feb. 16. He was 87 years old.

McCurdy was a lifelong trustee of UR as well as a trustee of Roberts Wesleyan College.
In addition to leading his family’s department store, McCurdy and Co., McCurdy was essential to the development of Midtown Plaza.

McCurdy started working at the East Main Street store in 1946, and he became the chairman and chief operating officer in 1962. He then became the chief executive of Midtown Holdings Co.

McCurdy and Co. was founded in 1901 by McCurdy’s grandfather and it was a well-known department store until the family sold it in 1934.

Throughout his life, McCurdy was also an active member of the Rochester community.
He was a former president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Rochester Downtown Development Corp., one of the founding members of the Boys and Girls Club and lastly, he helped form the Pathway Houses of Rochester, with the late Rev. Thomas Richards.

McCurdy is survived by his wife and his two children.
There is a memorial service scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 27 at 11 a.m. at the First Baptist Church in Rochester.

Sigma Phi Epsilon raises money for charity

Over the fall semester, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity raised over $1,300 for the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program, run by the Hillside Family Agencies. In a ceremony last week they gave a check to Hillside.

SigEp planned and orchestrated three fundraising events to raise these funds.
The first event was an amateur squash tournament for the UR community and the second event was a ‘Date a SigEp” competition, where students had the opportunity to place bids to win a date with one of the fraternity brothers.

Their last event, which took place last November, was a Beatles tribute concert. The show featured Music Department Professor John Covach’s band, The Smooth Talkers.

Emily Berkowitz is a member of the class of 2012.
Information courtesy of UR Communications.

A mid-season review of a cappella, UR’s most publicized sport

While regular Rochester sports all share a theme of sucking ass, a cappella thrives on the ability to adapt, and you can't tell us it's not a sport.

Orange Line service increases amid student dissatisfaction

The start of the semester saw the Orange Line overwhelmed, as five morning buses couldn't match the demands of students heading to campus.


They moved in packs, resembling clouds of yellow pain. Their intent: to drive students into buildings, away from campus center, and just generally insane.