Government aid provides
funding for high-speed rail

The federal government has recently approved $151 million for the construction of improved railroad systems across Upstate New York.

A large portion of this funding will be devoted to the engineering and environmental analysis needed to begin construction on track upgrades which will allow for a high speed rail between Buffalo and Albany.

Most of the remaining funding will go toward constructing second tracks, upgrading stations and improving safety provisions along the railway.

The second tracks will eliminate high-traffic problems due to bottlenecks on the railroad. Improved warning devices will also be installed at several crossings along the railway to improve safety. Construction and repair is also slated for the Rochester train station as a part of the bill.

Provisions for enhancing existing high-speed rail systems in New York are also included in the budget.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter emphasized the effect that the rail will have on UR students in a recent press release.

‘Not every student has a car on campus or can afford to fly, and high-speed rail will provide students with another option to travel home, to a job interview or an internship,” Slaughter said.

According to Slaughter, investing in the high-speed rail will bring jobs to the Upstate area, as well as dramatically reduce New York’s carbon dioxide emissions.

High school student caught with a gun in school

A senior at the Edison Technical and Occupational Education Center is in custody after being arrested for bringing a .45-caliber pistol to school.
The student, Justin Harvey, is being charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon a felony that could land him in jail for up to 15 years. Harvey is pleading not guilty to the charge, despite the fact that the prosecution allegedly has a confession from him as a part of their case.

In the confession, Harvey had the gun tucked in belt near his left-front hip when he brought it to school. He claimed that the gun set off one of the school’s metal detectors, but that the officer on duty let him in anyway.

The gun was found later that day in Harvey’s locker. Harvey said that he brought the stolen gun to school to keep it safe so he could give it to friends in Penfield. He claimed that the gun was not going to be used to hurt anyone.
Harvey’s bail is posted at $5,000.

Justin Fleming is a member of
the class of 2013.
Information was compiled from
the Democrat and Chronicle

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