Thievery on the Frat Quad: Delta Kappa Epsilon flag nabbed

In the early morning of Sunday, Oct. 25, an unidentified individual shimmied up one of the front columns of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity house and proceeded to remove the fraternity’s flag from where it hung in front of the house, according to UR Security Director Walter Mauldin.

Described as red, yellow and blue with a black lion emblem in the center, the flag was approximately 15 feet above the porch of the house.
The theft was caught on tape by local area surveillance cameras.

The videos have provided useful images and are currently being used to help identify the thief and any other conspirators that may have been involved.

Strange-smelling substance halts lab in Hutchison

A suspicious-smelling odor coming from Hutchison Hall Room 101 one of the chemistry department labs was reported to UR Security on Friday, Oct. 23.
According to Mauldin, Security cleaned all the drains in the room to try to locate the exact source of the smell, which was reminiscent of vinegar.

The smell dissipated, and normal activity was allowed to resume. No injuries or damages were reported.

However, Security did note that the chemicals that were being used in the chemistry lab should not have caused this type of odor to be emitted.

Smoking device sets off
alarm in Sigma Alpha Mu

On Saturday morning, Oct. 24, UR Security responded to a fire alarm that was going off at the Sigma Alpha Mu house.

According to Mauldin, security officers found a student on the second floor of the house with a device used to smoke. The student admitted to using this device to smoke a green, leafy substance. The item in question was seized by Security and the fire alarms in the Sigma Alpha Mu house were reset.

Laptop theft plagues student in Rush Rhees

A laptop was reportedly stolen from the A Level of the New Stacks in Rush Rhees Library on Sunday, Oct. 25.

The laptop was the property of a UR undergraduate, who said he had momentarily left the room to use his telephone. According to Mauldin, when the student returned to the area where his laptop was, it was missing.

A subsequent scan of the area for suspects or witnesses proved unhelpful.
Security advised the student to report the theft by calling 311.
Clark is a member of the class of 2012.
Hilfinger is a member of the class of 2010.
Information provided by UR Security.

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