CHEERS to Students’ Association President and senior Eric Sansky and SA Vice President and senior Tyler Socash for taking the right first step toward increasing school spirit by initiating the Fill Fauver and Pack the Palestra events. While there is still work to be done on them, students and athletes merit a program that gives them pride in their university.

JEERS to UR Parking for not publicizing their regulation changes, including the reintroduction of booting this semester. Whether or not these regulations are fair, students deserve to know the implications of their actions.

CHEERS to IT Services for implementing GMail successfully. The transition to the new e-mail service was smooth and, overall, it is more user friendly and offers students invaluable tools like Google Docs and Google Calendar.

JEERS to IT Services for not creating an entirely wireless campus. Even though it’s a long-term project, students have seen little progress and continue to deal with spotty Internet service, particularly in upperclassman dormitories.

CHEERS to River Campus Libraries for looking to expand the paperback book exchange in Gleason Library. This could prove a huge asset to Gleason Library if student interest in the project is gauged to be high.

JEERS to Sansky and Socash for not following through right away with their idea of holding monthly feedback forums. Despite the fact that they are holding office hours, these forums could have proven an immediate outlet for discussion on their term and an opportunity to publicize issues they care about.

CHEERS to the UR College Bowl Team for its outstanding performance this year. After winning the National College Bowl in April 2008, the team went on this semester to serve as experts on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

JEERS to Dining Services for even considering putting Blimpie in the Hive. The space should be used in a way that improves student life on campus, not as a cellar for unwanted dining.

Comic: UR sus

Failure to complete tasks results in expulsion from this school.

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Grief is a fickle thing. One second, you feel fine, and the next it pierces the fibers of your soul with such precision you don’t know if you’re terrified or grateful of the feelings it elicits.

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Peters and Denman live by the mantra, “We don't want to find cats a home, we want to find them the home.”