To start their term on the right foot, Eric Sansky and Tyler Socash must pay careful attention to the projects they pursue and communicate effectively with University administrators as well as the student body. Sansky and Socash should rightfully stand by their platform, but they are equally obligated to incorporate good ideas from the other candidates.

Sansky and Socash presented a unique initiative by offering a keychain alarm system. This idea stemmed from worries about security highlighted by the opening of the Riverview apartments, and it should be followed up on.

Mustafa Rehmani and Brett Young planned to create a Web site attached to the existing Hive site where students could leave comments to voice their concerns. Sansky and Socash should push to set up this site and integrate it with Blackboard.

Both Sansky and Rehmani promised to enlarge the responsibilities of the Mitigations Committee, but neither had any specific plan in doing so. Sansky should work with the committee to foster its growth. Additionally, Rehmani and Young espoused volunteer service and strengthening the connection with the Eastman Campus as ways to assimilate with the community, ideas Sansky and Socash should undoubtedly build upon.

While dining is integral to student life at UR, Sansky and Socash should not waste valuable time in pursuit of extraordinary changes. The other tickets had the right idea in first trying to expand local-food dining options, like Connections. It is especially important to retain student input in this area, but this quagmire has the potential to permanently bog Sansky and Socash.

They should pay special attention to the ideas on communication offered during the election process. Patrick Chase and Tal Cushmaro’s proposition for specific diversity representation is one that could easily be instated at the start of next semester. This could facilitate discussion with minority groups who may feel out of touch with student government.

Sansky and Socash should make sure to include these ideas from the other candidates’ platforms, as they are feasible and will have positive effects on the student body. It is important that they are able to distinguish between accomplishments and attempts by not taking on too vast a charge and that they communicate to the student body exactly what they’re doing.

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