With the addition of the Riverview apartments next fall, UR will expand across the river, taking its first steps in creating an eventual collegetown. This is a great place to start with the creation of a collegetown due to the fact that students will be living there next fall and will begin to integrate themselves into the community.

A collegetown will be an asset for the UR community. The addition of more residential buildings, stores and restaurants will mean that students will not have to venture as far to places like Wal-Mart or Marketplace Mall to shop, since the 19th Ward is only a short walk away. Boulder Caf, which is currently in the works, will also give students more options for close, off-campus dining, while adding variety to the typical Bruegger’s Bagels and Distillery fare.

UR could further benefit by adding a grocery store, music clubs and bookstores to the area to give students an area to congregate off campus. Eventually, a total of two or three blocks designated as areas for students would be ideal.

There is also the possibility, according to the strategic plan, of expanding across Elmwood Ave. With this expansion, UR will have the opportunity to create even more housing options for students, which is necessary if UR wants to increase its class size while keeping its residential situation comfortable. Expanding across Elmwood would also provide relief to a limited parking situation on campus by adding more lots and multi-story garages. It would also enhance the feeling of connectedness between the River Campus and UR Medical Center. By having an area devoted to serving both campuses, it will give students from both areas more places to interact.

Most importantly, any collegetown should be a community collaboration rather than an area with simply commercial appeal. As UR and its collegetown expand, it’s important that both areas still feel small with a cohesive atmosphere.

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