Alyssa Waddill missed the point in her column and celebrates what is, in fact, a real coup. Like in Roe v. Wade, as even several liberals argue, the Supreme Court preposterously stole a fundamental right from the people, and County Executive Maggie Brooks correctly points out that nobody should allow Canada to define marriage here.

As foreign citizens, we find such outcomes very dangerous for the democracy. We are not debating about the issues (abortion or same-sex marriage) but the means used to achieve the ends. Using the very same principle stated here, some people could now claim that polygamy or euthanasia for minors or even the right to stone an adulterous daughter should be recognized in the U.S. as they are legal in some countries. Separation of powers is a centuries-old pillar of democracy; a democratic movement is the correct way to build a consensus in support of any issue. Legal shortcuts like this one are just vicious stratagems ready to backfire.

– Cristina CanavesiCanavesi is a graduate student

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