A letter to Theta Chi alumni over winter break outlined sanctions for Theta Chi Fraternity, citing repeated violations of the campus judicial code, in particular the violation of their probationary status on Nov. 17. Such sanctions put Theta Chi on “censured status,” forbidding the fraternity from residing in its house and from recruiting this semester. Additionally, it forbids members of Theta Chi from living together in residence halls.

UR’s administration imposes a code of conduct on all organizations, and, in this case the code was breached. Theta Chi repeatedly violated its probation, and when the Rochester Police Department was called on Nov. 17, it became clear that meaningful action was needed to address Theta Chi’s infringements.

The administration believed that it could only send a resonant message to the fraternity by temporarily removing its members from their house. However, it seems to be excessive zeal to forbid them from living together in residence halls. Instead, the fraternity should be immediately permitted to apply for a floor. The current sanction just adds salt to an open wound.

This decision came after an appeals process that reduced the original harsh sanctions disaffiliating Theta Chi for five years, thus allowing the fraternity to regain full status in a timelier fashion. Theta Chi adds to the social and cultural atmosphere on River Campus, and returning as a positive influence can only help the Rochester community grow.

Theta Chi members have already shown their motivation for the restoration of the status quo by their continual collaboration with UR’s administrators. The administration has decided not to turn Theta Chi’s house over to another fraternity, demonstrating optimism on their part. The rest of the path should be just as open for an adhering Theta Chi to walk back to the Fraternity Quad, with the administration making it as fair and smooth as possible.

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