The UR golf team played in two season-ending tournaments in the past two weeks, with mixed results.

They participated in the Fisher-Nazareth Shootout on Oct. 7-8, but they were not able to put forth a very consistent effort and thus finished fifth out of nine teams with a combined score of 632 for the weekend.

“Golf is a sport where it is hard to be consistent because there are so many variables that can affect how you do,” senior Stephen Goodridge said.

Junior Jon Pecor led the team and placed fifth overall. He shot a 75 on the first day. He followed that up by shooting a 74 on the second day to finish with a combined score of 149.

No one else on the team shot particularly well, with Goodridge placing in 20th overall with a 156. He shot an 80 on the first day on a par 72 course. He followed up that score by shooting a 78 on the second day.

Freshman Kevin Gay finished the weekend tied for 28th place by shooting an 80 on the first day and an 82 on the second for a combined score of 162.

Senior Matt Cairo finished tied for 34th place by shooting a combined score of 165. He shot a high of 86 on the first day, which he trimmed down to a 79 on the second day of golfing action.

Freshman Chris Driscoll finished off the scoring for the team by placing 39th with a combined score of 168, while shooting 84 on both days of competition.

The team later went on to play in the McDaniel Fall Invitational, finishing eighth out of 11 teams with a combined stroke score of 634.

Goodridge was the top individual finisher for the ‘Jackets, coming in third place. He shot a 75 on the first day, which put him well behind the leaders; however, he came back by shooting a 71 on the second day to climb up the leaderboard with a combined total of 146. Pecor was the second Yellowjacket to place, coming in tied for 27th by shooting an 80 on both days to finish with a combined score of 160 for the event.

Graduate student Brandon Isobe finished tied for 33rd place, scoring an 81 on both days, giving him a combined score of 162 for the tournament.

Freshman Jake Hirsch finished his tournament tied for 42nd place with a combined score of 166. He shot an 84 on the first day, then went on to shoot an 82 on the second. Cairo finished off the scoring for the Yellowjackets by placing in 49th place with a combined score of 170. He started the tournament with an 84 and followed it up with an 86.

“We didn’t do as well as we wanted to in the fall, but we didn’t do terribly either. There is still a spring season left to be played, and we are looking forward to putting forth a great effort,” Goodridge said.

Maystrovsky is a member of the class of 2009.

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