It doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice to see an occasional RPO review in your pages. Thanks for Samantha Miller’s recent piece. I’d like to see more students take advantage of this top-flight orchestra, especially considering Paetec Corporation’s generous underwriting of $5 student tickets. That’s an amazing deal.

The RPO is a fine orchestra with an excellent reputation and a distinguished past. Do take advantage of the RPO experience, and tell your friends.

-Harold JewellDepartment of Athletics and Recreation

Quiz: Should you overload next semester?

Do you have friends/a social life? "A. If my laptop, iPad, and three-foot stack of biology notes count, then yes."

Life is pay to win. College? The giant paywall

For a game that preaches freedom of choice, there are an awful lot of decisions essentially made for us. Exhibit A: the decision to play at all.

Tunneling club reaches new tunnels

Tunnels come in many shapes and sizes, primarily tunnel-like and fuckery-like.